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Latest Updates

Google Launches Voice Search for Nokia Symbian Phones
Google India announces the launch of a downloadable Google Mobile App for Nokia S60 (most N and E series models e.g. N 86, E- 63) users. This will enable easier and faster access to Google Search. Google Mobile App is equipped with speech recognition technology designed to understand Indian accents. Search by voice on mobile will now trigger a Google Search as soon as you speak your search query and give you the required results with a high accuracy rate. If you have ever been in a hurry and really needed to find an answer to something, but there was no one to ask? Like what is the latest cricket score update, where is the closest restaurant, pharmacy? Now you can just speak your query. So the next time you need to order a pizza, enquire about a taxi service, call up a florist or in case you want to access the plethora of information available on the internet while you are on the road just use search by voice on GMA on your Nokia S 60 phones to initiate a Google Search on your mobile. The free-to-use application helps users to search for updates on cricket and local business listings. The application automatically detects your location. So now as soon as you enter a pizza or pharmacy query and it will return results closest to your current location.

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Latest Updates

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