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Coronvirus Mask
Please note: There has been a global shortage of N95 Masks due to the coronavirus outbreak. This alongside the demand with our own local fires season has put a large strain on local supplies. We apologise that our prices are higher than usual at the moment but our main focus is stocking the supplies you need.

Respirator Mask for Sale
Dust masks are important on the job, but they are not all created equal. When choosing a dust mask, you need to ensure that it is suited to the work you are doing.

Wearing a face mask means you are protected against mechanically generated dust on worksites as well as general airborne particles, gases or vapours in air pollution.

Depending on the work you are doing, you need to make sure that you use the correct face mask type. Using the incorrect face mask particulate filter can give you a false sense of security – and may not protect you from breathing in airborne particulate.

Face Masks explained: P2 Mask vs a N95 Mask
A P2 face mask and a N95 face mask are similar. The N95 face mask is the NiOSH (USA testing requirements.) and the P2 face mask represents the EC (European testing requirements). The full respirator code name for a P2 facemask is “Face Filtering Piece 2” -FFP2
N95 Particulate Respirator Mask with Breathing Valve
If you opt for a P2 respirator mask with an exhalation valve, it is designed to minimise moisture and heat build up. This makes it more comfortable to wear and easier to breath if wearing for longer periods of time.

The valve is a comfort feature, but does not increase the protection from the mask. We offer both valved and non valved respirator dust masks for sale.

Who should not wear a N95 respirator mask?
N95 respirators are not designed for children for two reasons. The first being that N95 masks are one size fits most adults. So are not designed for the small face sizes of kids.
The other reason is that a N95 respirator can actually endanger your child with a risk of suffocation. As children breath a lot lighter than adults, they have difficultly drawing enough oxygen through the strong filter.

If you have a beard you are part of another group of people who won’t get the full benefit of a P2 respirator. The facial hair prevents an airtight fit, exposing you to the particulates that you are meant to be protected from. So, if you need a P2 respirator for work and you sport a beard, you may need to look at other protective respirators or choose to get out your razor.

Differing shapes of P2 Face Masks
So you need a P2 Respirator and then you are confronted with a sea of choice in terms of shape. What is the difference in all these P2 Mask? Which P2 Mask should I buy?
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